The Real Picture – Are camera phones killing an art form?

Have you ever had an experience where you saw something fabulous and your instinctive reaction was to reach for your smartphone? You’re not the only one. The digital age has well and truly arrived, and with it, it’s brought many conveniences that have become indispensable. One such thing is the ubiquitous smartphone. This revolutionary device has not only made our world a smaller place but has also changed the way many things are done now.

Perhaps the most significant impact this piece of technology has had is on the art of photography. What was once considered a skill, honed over decades has been relegated to obscurity. Now all you need is a camera phone, and you can be a photographer within minutes. Just point and shoot, and the phone does the rest. So let’s look at some of the reasons why photography has taken a backseat with the advent of technology.

Cheaper alternative

The fast pace at which technology has developed has made it possible for manufacturers to price their products competitively. The surge in demand and cut-throat competition has made way for products that are not only lower in price but also better in quality. A budding photographer would think twice before buying an expensive DSLR camera and would be more than happy with a much cheaper smartphone option.

This was never the case before camera phone arrived at the scene. Back then novice photographers would borrow equipment from generous friends or buy a used camera to get started.

Filtering the look

A photographer’s skill is in the way they manipulate lighting and the setting to ensure the subject is showcased in the best way possible. But with a smartphone in hand, you don’t need to wait for the right time or the right light. With the magic of ‘Filters’ you can get the desired look in minutes. With apps being developed specifically for this purpose, any photograph can be made to look better without any professional help.

Instant results

With the way technology has developed in recent times, instant gratification has become the buzzword. People need to see results within minutes or else it’s just not worth it. Smartphone photography does just that; it instantly lets you know if a photo is good or bad. Conventional photography seeks patience, which sadly is in short supply off late.

Keeping it light

Maybe one of the most important factors that is taking people away from photography. No one wants to lug heavy camera equipment when a similar job can be done by a camera phone that weighs some grams.

In conclusion, photography has always been an art form that depicts all that is good or bad about our surroundings. As an art form it is not dead at all, in fact, technology has become a stepping-stone for people who want to take up photography as a career option.  

No doubt, photography is not as keenly pursued as it was earlier, but people aspiring to become photographers can better their craft with the use of camera phones. Getting used to angles, lighting, and other nitty gritties of photography while using a smartphone will give them a better understanding of their chosen craft.